Picture 6: Female Chelonia mydas coming on shore


Picture 7: Chelonia mydas closing up the egg pit


Picture 8: Caretta caretta closing up her nest


Picture 9: Chelonia mydas going back to sea


Picture 10: Chelonia mydas being tagged after nesting (by Lutz Hofmann)


Picture 11: Measurement of the straight carapace length (SCL) while the female is closing up her nest (by Lutz Hofmann)


Picture 12: Measurement of the curved carapace width (CCW) of a female Chelonia mydas (by Lutz Hofmann)


Picture 13: Netting the nest against predation by foxes


Picture 14: Chelonia mydas hatchling in the sea.


Picture 15: Twin Chelonya mydas hatchlings.


Picture 16: Chelonia mydas hatchlings trying to reach the sea.