A - General Measures:

To promote knowledge on, and the protection of, marine turtles through educational programs

To prevent building on, and the removal of sand from, beaches used by turtles

To prevent human activity during the night on the nesting beaches

To put informative and warning billboards at the entrance and in suitable parts of the beaches

To ensure continued participation by private enterprises in the turtle conservation project

B - Specific Measures:

Especially on Altınkum I, to build parking lots deny motor vehicles access to the beach

To reorganize the jerry-built camp site facilities and restaurants on Altınkum I to make them worthy of TRNC tourism and to screen their lights

To declare the North Karpaz beaches consisting of 7 coves a “Special Environmental Protection Site” in light of their great importance

To clean, especially the Karpaz the beaches, from pollution of generally foreign origin