The ‘Turtle Monitoring and Research Project,’ initiated in 1992 in our country, continued in the year 1997 as well, with the cooperation of University of Glasgow, the North Cyprus Turtle Protection Society, and the Department of Environmental Protection, as in previous years, on all the beaches of the TRNC. Working groups consisting of members of the Department of Environmental Protection and volunteer students, and students from the University of Glasgow carried out the night work on the two important nesting beaches in the Karpaz area and participated in the day work on the rest of the beaches. The University of Glasgow worked on the other beaches of the TRNC.


Our work in 1997 started on June 3, 1997 and continued until October 13, 1997. Our aims this year were to locate the nests made on the beaches and the eggs left in these nests, to determine the population of turtles, to protect the nests against predation, to eradicate harmful factors, and to try and determine the sites on the beaches where turtles nest intensively. The practice of putting metal nets on the nests in order to protect them against predation was continued this year. All the nests were thus protected with metal nets.


In Altınkum (Golden Beach) brochures and stickers were distributed to vacationers who used the beach.


We would like to express our deep gratitude to all members of the groups who worked selflessly, to all who helped us during our work, to Mr Erol Yylmaz from Ektam Ltd. who printed the posters, to Mr Mehmet Boyacy from the Levent Group of Companies who printed the brochures, and to Mr Mehmet Alptürk, the Director of Mahir Computers, who printed the stickers.





Department of Environmental Protection

PhD. student in Biology